Taste Test: Bizarre Brunch

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Who says breakfast can't be interesting? Certainly not the chef at a place in Luzerne County that offers more than just eggs and bacon.

Over the past three years, AuRant's Restaurant in Duryea has built a reputation for serving up the unusual.

About a year ago, Chef Dave Ciminelli decided to cook up some of his whimsical creations in the A.M. hours.

"You can come in and get a simple egg, or you can come in and get something funky," said Ciminelli.

You've probably heard of chicken and waffles... how about duck and waffles? Dave serves duck three ways on a lavender flavored Belgian waffle.

The ingredient that caught our attention was the colorful coating on the duck: Fruity Pebbles cereal!

Dave says with all the other components, it just works.

"Duck and waffles comes with an ancho chili syrup, so the contrast of sweet and spicy. Cereal, you can't go wrong. People pour milk on it and like it, so why not put it on duck?" said Ciminelli.

Add some duck drumsticks, and some cracklin, which is the deep-fried skin and a healthy dose of spicy syrup, and the messy but delicious dish is ready to eat.

Up next, a breakfast that's more like a dessert!

Once again, we start with a Belgian waffle, this time with Oreo pieces and white chocolate.

An Oreo beignet - that's deep-fried dough - goes on top of the waffle.

Then, a scoop of strawberry ice cream goes on top of the beignet and Dave adds strawberries soaked in Belgian beer and Guinness candied walnuts.

As if that isn't enough, he lights it on fire so it all melts together!

Chef Dave says breakfast or dinner... it's all about keeping people guessing.

"Most of the time, stuff's going past another table and people are like, 'What's that?' Next thing you know another ticket comes back for one," said Ciminelli.

Brunch is served only on Sundays at AuRants from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The menu changes as Chef Dave comes up with new culinary creations.