Potentially Dangerous Roof Removed

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Worshipers at a church in Columbia are paying more than $250,000 to eliminate a potentially dangerous situation.

The dome  and steeple on the First United Methodist Church in Berwick are being replaced at a cost of nearly a $250.000. They are in bad condition, according to the head of the board of trustees Margaret Livsey.

"It's a 110 years old and it had gotten to the point where there wasn't anything to nail to. We tried to repair it numerous times but it just didn't hold," Livsey said.

Reverend Ron Hoffman said he was also concerned about the stability of the steeple and dome. "We became concerned over the safety issue so we decided to do something. We were afraid some of that would fall off and come down and hit somebody or in the road and something like that," Reverend Hoffman said.

Livsey said she is sorry the steeple and dome couldn't be saved. "It's a little sad to see the old one come down, but after the work we put into it, I am anxious to see everything to be put into place and be finished with the project," Livsey added.

It took the skill of experts to bring down the roof.  Glen Smoker was hired to do the job. "The nature of the work and the safety and the insurances that are necessary when you're swinging 11,000 pounds over an old church building like this so there are a few considerations," Smoker said.

Parts of the new steeple and other parts of the roof are made of fiberglass and steel and the contractor said that they  will actually outlive the church itself.