Teacher Charged With Stealing Thousands

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A Susquehanna County teacher was charged Monday with stealing thousands of dollars from the Montrose Education Association from 2008 to 2011.

State police said Cheryl Arnold, 53 of Montrose admitted that she started stealing from the  association, the teachers Union, in 2008.  Police said Arnold stole $94,987 while she was appointed as treasurer of the association during the three-year period.

According to police documents, she disputes that she stole the full amount the police claim but does admit to stealing between $45,000 to $50,000.

"People living a lifestyle that they can't afford and someone has to pay for that.  Unfortunately that was the Montrose Education Association," said state trooper Mark Mulvey.

Cheryl Arnold has taught thousands of students in the last 20 years at Montrose Area high school. She was the union treasurer for 15 years.

"It's a surprise and it's a shame that a professional has potentially done something like this to her colleagues. It's a real shame," said Mark Ognosky, superintendent of the Montrose Area school district.

Ognosky said Union dues are taken out of all the teachers paychecks.  It was Arnold's job to pay some of that money to the statewide Union, the PSEA, for those dues.  The PSEA is the first one that noticed they were not getting paid.

"You never know. She was an awesome lady.  But it's just surprising, it really is," said Alison Keifer, a senior at Montrose Area.

Students including Keifer and senior Shannen Squires knew something was going on with Arnold after she was suspended without pay back in march.

That's when the district learned about the investigation.

"I've just heard a lot about her stealing money for the last couple years. Everybody talks about it," said Squires.

Now students and staff are learning the details of the charges against Arnold. Charges that could keep her out of the classroom for good.

"Hopefully we'll receive a resignation and we'll move on from there. If it doesn't happen when the court action plays out then we'll move forward in that direction," said Ognosky.