Shaking Off Winter In Tamaqua

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Spring has sprung in Tamaqua. 

Crews are filling the community pool. Officials hope to open the doors to the complex June second. 

"We drain it down, we scrub it, acid wash it and then we start filling, then we put the pumps up the chlorine pumps and then we open the kiddie pool," said Ray Woodring.

Woodring is one of the workers responsible for the controls which will keep the pool safe and clean.

In the center of Tamaqua, crews are filling another pool that supplies water to the community's fountain.

Water Department worker Bud Comisac said everything has to be done in order. 

"We have to clean up after the winter and get all the ugly water out and scrape everything down and paint it and make sure there is no leaks," said Comisac.

When crews determined enough water was in the pool, a switch was thrown and the fountain came to life. 

It's in the communities heart, where five roads come together.  People around here call it five points.

Anna Belle Davis said she enjoys the falling water.

"I think the fountain is good, we always sit over there in the park and it brings out 5 points," said Davis.

Another Tamaqua resident, Paula Schuetrer agrees.

"Me and the girls enjoy it we get our ice cream over here and we go over to the fountain and enjoy our ice cream we get it over the creamery here," said Schuetrer.

With the fountain flowing and the community pool filling, people here say spring has officially arrived in Tamaqua.