Training Center Dedicated to Gas Industry, Emergency Crews

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There is a new tool in Lycoming County to help train workers for the natural gas industry.

Not only that, but Penn College's Energy Technology Education Center even trains firefighters how to deal with possible emergencies in the industry.

Flames shot from a piece of equipment and firefighters sprang into action, part of a training exercise.

The center is located south of Williamsport and is a partnership between the college, companies in the natural gas industry and public safety.

"This site gives us the ability to teach them what other incidents can happen on well pad, whether drilling or hydraulic fracturing stage," said Craig Konkle with Lycoming County Public Safety.

There is equipment used in the industry, standard pieces such as mud tanks and well heads located all in one place near the classrooms where students and current employees can get to know their way around the equipment.

Penn College officials said the list of classes that can be taught at the center is long and growing longer in hopes of getting people ready to work in the industry.

"This facility gives us some opportunity not only with the gas industry, but help us reinforce some skills we don't get to practice a lot such as liquid fuels fires and residential gas emergencies," said Chief Bob Ulrich with the Washington Township Fire Company.

Not only that, but officials said it is very important to have a training center like this in Lycoming County, adding that the nearest one that is remotely similar is in Ohio.