Two Arrested for Shooting Spree

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Two people have been arrested in connection with shots fired in three different parts of Scranton this week.

Scranton police believe the two men, Leandro Inirio-Lopez, 24, and Diego Bono, 23, were the ones responsible for the shooting spree in the city's south side early Wednesday morning, a spree that ended at a home full of drugs, guns and ammunition.

"I heard gunshots go off. They woke me up about a little after 3 a.m. I was nervous so of course I called police," said business owner Connie Catapano.

While police were checking out the area they heard more shots fired on Pittston Avenue and then on South Webster Avenue.

When police got to Webster, they noticed a green car sitting at a light. Police said they tried to pull the driver over, and that's when he took off, almost hitting the officer.

A short time later, police picked up Inirio-Lopez in the area. Police said he was carrying a loaded rifle.

The green car was later found on Schmidt Court with no one inside.

While police officers waited for that car to be towed, the other suspect, Diego Bono, came out of a second floor apartment on Moosic Street. Police then got permission to search his home, and that is when they found drugs, guns and ammunition.

Police said they found two shotguns, several boxes of shotgun rounds, a bag of cocaine and mixed prescription pills.

Bono was also arrested.

Neighbors said while the gun shots are alarming, it doesn't worry them.

"I am not concerned at all about the affairs that have been going on with the gun shooting and so on," said Lois Fiene of Scranton.

"Every day is just something new out here in Scranton. What do you expect?" asked John Sockbower of Scranton.

Inirio-Lopez is locked up on charges including carrying a loaded weapon and drug possession.

Bono faces aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and reckless driving