Who Will Fix the Drain?

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One day after heavy rains flooded a section of South Main Street in Jenkins Township, people who live in that community near Pittston want the problem fixed.

PennDOT and township officials disagree on who should fix the drainage problem in Luzerne County.

Tuesday Joe Beck was stranded on his porch after heavy rains and poor drainage backed up the water all the way to the steps of his home.

The water eventually dried up, but in its wake Beck felt frustrated after being trapped for seven hours.

"It's not fun, not fun at all, not even being able to come off the porch. The kids want to come outside. It's not fun," Beck said.

Township officials said the flooding happened because of poor drainage.  PennDOT said it is the township's responsibility. The township feels it is PennDOT's responsibility.

After Jenkins Township Supervisor Stan Rovinski saw the report on the South Main Street flash flood, he said it's time to fix this.

"Rather than pointing fingers let's get it done. We are public servants. Let's get it done. If it is determined we have culpability, let's get it done," Rovinski said.

Beck said he just doesn't want to be stranded anymore.

"I haven't really assessed the damage. It's too much. Hopefully it's been brought to light. Hopefully we can move forward, you know," Beck added.

PennDOT promises to work with Jenkins Township.

The township supervisor said he will be calling PennDOT and state lawmakers to set up a meeting and hopefully come up with a solution to the flooding on South Main Street.