Sandusky’s Attorneys Want Charges Dismissed

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Attorneys for Jerry Sandusky filed more pre-trial motions Wednesday.

Included in the motions is another request to dismiss the charges against Sandusky on the basis that the accusations are “non-specific” and, therefore, cannot be adequately defended.

Sandusky’s lawyers also claim that Sandusky’s due process has been violated because he can’t adequately defend himself against the non-specific charges.

Sandusky is accused of sexually assaulting at least 10 boys over a period of years when he was an assistant football coach at Penn State.

In April the judge denied a similar motion to dismiss by the defense, but said it could be raised again.

At this time, Sandusky’s trial on child sex abuse charges is scheduled to start on June 5. Sandusky’s attorneys have previously requested a delay, but the judge has yet to rule on that motion.