Riding the Rapids in Carbon County

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The several inches of rain we've had this week  plus water releases from a dam are producing excellent conditions for white water rafters in Carbon County.

Dozens of creeks  are pushing countless gallons of water into the Lehigh River. The creeks are swollen because of recent rain. That means some mean rapids on the Lehigh River.

White water rafting is dependent on several things, nature from  rain and the Francis Walter Dam for water releases.

Nikki Hurley of Pocono Whitewater Rafting said the releases helps her business.

"(They) will release water for us and so pretty much there will be enough water in the river to make for a great whitewater ride for everyone," said Hurley.

Sky Fogal of Pocono Whitewater Rafting tells his customers to prepare for a wild ride because the Lehigh is higher and faster.

"That's double of what we normally would have, that means the rapids are bigger and you will go faster so that means when you see that rapid you'll have to make the right move or you'll go for a swim," Fogal said.

High school students from the Harrisburg area decided on a trip to the river for their senior class trip. Student Jon Hunsberger said he is concerned about the rivers condition.

"A little bit, I am more excited for it because I think it will be more fun and exciting," Hunsberger said.

Student Cailley Breckenridge said the trip was booked during the dry winter season. "We didn't think there would be much water and we didn't think it would be that much fun, but fortunately it rained here for the last three days but the best time is to do it today," said Breckenridge.

Pocono Whitewater Rafting officials said with  a little rain here and there combined with regular dam releases should make their cash registers ring from people riding the rapids.