Nursing Home Wins Award

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A nursing home in Pottsville won an award given out by the state connected  directly with patient care.

Nearly 200 people call the Schuylkill Center Nursing Home in Pottsville their home. Some have lived there a short time, others have spent years.

Margaret Reynolds said she is not surprised the nursing home won an award from the state.

“You couldn't get a nicer place. My cousin the monsignor, he was here a few years, and he said he had been to five homes and he said he didn't see any place as nice as here,” said Reynolds, a resident.

The award certifies that inspections in three consecutive years found no problems. Schuylkill Center is one of four nursing homes in Pennsylvania to earn that distinction.

“We check and double check things and always looking for clinical compliance, charting and those kinds of things with patient care,” said nurse Erin Woodford.

Making sure state regulations are followed falls to people who are directly responsible for the residents.

“You're not supposed to get close to them but we actually do, they feel like family to us,” said aide Tammy Fredericks.

“Actually the state went back three years deficiency free, we were for 195 beds we were actually for five years deficiency free,” said John Gregis of the Schuylkill Center.

Officials of the Schuylkill Center expect another inspection by the department of health in less than a year. They hope to make it year six of being deficiency free.