Taste Test: Spaghetti Ice Cream

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Each week this month we've been delving into some unusual local cuisine with our taste tests.

This week, it's time for a little dessert... a dish in Northumberland County that's a sundae in disguise.

Becky's Soft Serve near Milton makes ice cream cones and sundaes of all shapes and sizes.

Co-owner Becky Fink says it was during some winter downtime that she got an idea for a new kind of sundae.

"I did a little research, and found out in Germany it's actually really popular to have spaghetti ice cream. And I thought, well let me search a little more on this," said Becky.

Spaghetti ice cream? We were puzzled when we first heard it, too.

Becky bought a contraption that makes your dessert look more like an entree, and she showed us how it works.

First, vanilla soft serve ice cream goes in the spaghetti ice cream maker.

Then in one squeeze of a handle, soft serve becomes spaghetti!

Cherry or strawberry sauce is ladled on top to look like marinara sauce.

Chocolate-covered malted milk balls make for good "meatballs."

Instead of parmesian cheese, white chocolate is grated on top to complete the dessert.

Becky says she loves taking the novelty sundae to local fairs.

"It's really fun to watch somebody walk around the fairgrounds with it because people will stop, and then they look again and they say, 'Wait a minute, I think that's ice cream!" Becky said.

About seven months ago, the sundae making came to a sudden halt.

In September, the store was hit by the flood.

Five feet of water ended up in the store.

"We piled sandbags on top of sandbags, but we couldn't keep the water out," said co-owner Brian Fink.

The winter months were spent fixing up the store.

It took about six months to replace the floors, bathrooms and counters.

When the weather broke, Becky's was back in business, and ready to serve up more spaghetti ice cream.

For more information, check out the Becky's Soft Serve Facebook page.