Man Gets Life for Killing Wife

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It is life in prison for a man convicted of killing his wife in Carbon County.

Ernest Freeby, 37, was found guilty of first-degree murder earlier this year even though his wife's body was never found.

A jury said he was guilty of the first-degree murder of his wife nearly five years ago. Freeby said he`s innocent.

"No he's not guilty, I am telling you he is not guilty," said Freeby's mother, Patricia Gordon. "There is so much going on in my head right now because I am so mad and so angry.

Prosecutors said Freeby's wife, Edwina Onyango was murdered in the basement of their home in Lansford.

Freeby was sentenced to spend the rest of his life, locked up, with no chance of parole.

During the sentencing Freeby told the judge to give him the death penalty saying, "I'd rather have the death penalty than spend the rest of my life in jail."

"I think it's a testament to his innocence. He doesn't want to sit in jail for the rest of his life. He'd rather die than have to do that," said defense attorney Paul Levy.

"He lied to the police, deceptive, he altered evidence, so that phrase from Mr. Freeby does not surprise me," said District Attorney Gary Dobias.

The victim's family is satisfied with the life sentence.

"At least this will not happen to someone else's, somebody's daughter, somebody's brother, somebody's sister. That is only consolidation the family has," said Edwina Onyango's relative Lamech Onyango.

Onyango's body was never found and Freeby won't tell prosecutors or the victim's family where it is.

"I am personally pleased that justice has been served and even though we don't have the body we have some sort of consolation," said brother James Onyango.

Ernest Freeby said he will appeal his conviction for murdering his wife.