Jim Thorpe in Online Contest

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Where is the most beautiful town in America? Some folks say it's in Carbon County.

It seems when you are in Jim Thorpe you are surrounded by beautiful and historic buildings. Some say it deserves national recognition. The community is entered into the Most Beautiful Town in America contest, sponsored by Rand McNally and USA  Today.

Taylor Handwerk helps run the Harry Packer Mansion Inn.  Handwerk is  spearheading the effort to get out the vote. "We need a few more votes so if you people can get online and vote and give yourselves a round of applause for having a beautiful town," Handwerk said.

Midnight is the deadline to vote online. If Jim Thorpe wins the contest, a special national road rally will come to the community and it will get national recognition.

Business owner Ernest Brummell said that could make cash registers ring. "It would bring more business into the town for everyone. There are a lot of unique shops in town," Brummell said. He owns the Serendipity Gift Shop. He said Jim Thorpe has all the ingredients to win. "There are a lot of things that are unique, such as the history. It's known as the Swiss Alps of the Poconos. You can see the old architecture they have kept."

Handwerk is excited of the prospects of winning.  "It will give us a lot of pride, a lot of local pride. It'll make us feel good about ourselves. We do this every year and we'd love to be number one this year," Handwerk added.

To vote for Jim Thorpe click  HERE.