Arrest Warrants Issued in Meth Lab Explosion

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Police in Berwick are still looking for two men suspected of causing the explosion that set an apartment building on fire last week.

The blaze forced eight people out of their homes, and police said the two men were making methamphetamine in the basement.

Brittany Sager and her family spent the day Monday moving into a new home after the fire Friday morning forced her and her three children from their apartment in Berwick. Sager said she heard her smoke detector around 2:30 a.m.

"I went in the bedroom to get the kids up, and my neighbor was knocking on the window. I handed her the baby through the window and I took the boys out through the door. I called 911 and said, 'Hey our house is on fire,'" said Sager.

Berwick police filed arrest warrants for two men who they said are responsible for setting the fire. Police plan to charge Robert Fowler and Perry Harmon with producing drugs in the basement of the building as well as arson.

"That's based on the explosion. The explosion created a fire and that fire created property damage in excess of $5,000," said Ked Strish of the Berwick Police Department.

According to police, witnesses saw Fowler and Harmon inside the basement of the apartment before the fire started.  After the explosion, another witness saw the two fleeing the building.

That doesn't sit well with other people who lived in the building.

"They knew my kids were here and why they did it?  I don't understand why they did it because they know I have my three kids here. I don't know what they were thinking," Sager added.

She and her children found a new place to live. She said some of her neighbors weren't so lucky.

Police in Berwick are looking for Fowler and Harmon and said there may be more people involved.  Anyone with information about Fowler and Harmon is asked to call Berwick police at 570-752-3677.