Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament

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A pair of retired Marines from the Poconos is giving back to their fellow comrades who were wounded while fighting for our country.

The man is taking the wounded veterans on a fishing tournament to honor their bravery.

Eric Kowal and Joby Poster are gearing up at the Wacky Worm near Brodheadsville for a very important fishing tournament next weekend in Maryland.

This pair, who are also retired Marines, organized the tournament which benefits wounded veterans.

"For that 24 hours or 48 hours they're with us, their minds aren't being in the hospital, they forget about their injuries," said Kowal.

The pair is part of "Marines Helping Marines" an organization that helps wounded troops. Their idea to start a fishing tournament happened four years ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since.

"Right now we have about 30 wounded warriors signed up.  Each warrior gets paired up with a fisherman and they go out on the water to compete in a two man vessel fishing tournament," said Kowal.

"A lot of guys, they're missing both their legs and they're limited in what they can do," said Poster.

Come time for the May 19 fishing tournament, each fishing tournament participant will have all the equipment they need.  Each participant will receive a bag filled with everything they need for a successful fishing trip.  The bag will be filled with bait, snacks and suntan lotion, just to name a few items.

All the goodies each wounded warrior receives are donated.  Most donations come from the Wacky Worm.

"If it helps these kids, these young people, it's great. I could never give them enough for what they give me," said Louis Herfurth, the owner of the Wacky Worm.

The event is in Maryland and open to the public.  There are still several spots open for fisherman and wounded veterans.

A portion of money raised at the event goes back in the "Marines Helping Marines" organization.