Scranton Shoe Store Closing Its Doors

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A fixture in downtown Scranton for almost a quarter century is closing its doors, but the owners of Best Foot Forward shoe store assure us the building won't be empty for long.

Lucille Camoni said there is a secret to staying in business for 23 years, sticking with your customers every step of the way.

Those customers agree.

"I bought my wedding shoes in here, I got my prom shoes dyed in here, so I don't know where people are going to go now," said Marion Beddoe-Iobst of Scranton.

The shoe store on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton found its niche decades ago when it started selling dance shoes and equipment.

"This is the only place like this downtown, it's the only place. So, anyone who dances, like myself, it's going to be difficult for us to find shoes," added Beddoe-Iobst.

Camoni has owned and operated Best Foot Forward for almost a quarter century. She said her business weathered the bad economy well because of loyal customers, bu, now she's decided to retire.

Looking back, she's proud to have helped customers through every step of life.

"We have the infant shoes all the way up to school shoes, so people knew that if they wanted their babies fit properly we could do it. That was a nice thing," Camoni said.

Originally the building was Joseph's the Jeweler during the 1940s and 50s. It's been a shoe store for at least 50 years, Best Foot Forward for 23 of those years.

Camoni said she's sold the building, so it won't be vacant but she doesn't know what the store will become.

"We grew a good friendship, we took care of customers, we fit them properly, and we did the best we could do with them," added Camoni.

Best Foot Forward will close its doors for good on June 15.