Mail Carrier Food Drive

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Saturday as your mail carriers deliver your mail, you may want to have a bag of food ready for them to take.

It is the national Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

In Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg mail carriers collected 30,000 pounds of food during last year's drive.

That's food that was greatly appreciated by the food banks and the people they serve.

Saturday's mail delivery will also be pick-up time as letter carriers pick up food to give to local food banks and food pantries.

"There's still a lot of people in the country who still have to make that choice. Do I pay the mortgage or do I pay for food," said Dan Murray of the East Stroudsburg Post Office.

It's the national Stamp Out Hunger food drive, coordinated every year by the National Association of Letter Carriers.

In East Stroudsburg, the Salvation Army is one of several food banks that will benefits.

"We're looking to serve about 260 families this month for our mass food distribution. The food they collect helps us, it goes in the bags," said Jill Brink of the Salvation Army.

"The food bank helps me because I'm on a limited income. I'm on Social Security. It helps tremendously," said Jeanette Petrella of Stroudsburg.
Sheis one of hundreds who depend on the Salvation Army's food pantry.
She is grateful to those who are kind enough to give to put food on the table. "If you can afford even one can of an unexpired item, put it on out because the pantry certainly needs the help."

After last year's food drive, the Salvation Army received 5,000 pounds of food. This year they are hoping for more in hopes of filling empty boxes.

If you are going to donate you are asked to make sure the food you donate is not expired or damaged.

"We need food that's in date. Food that you would want to eat," Brink added.

Make sure you have your non-perishable items in a bag out near your mailbox before the mail carrier arrives with your mail.

If you live in a housing development, make sure the food is on top of the mailboxes, ready to go.