Gas Line Project Causing Backup in Stroudsburg

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If you're heading to Monroe County you might want to avoid driving on Main Street in the heart of downtown Stroudsburg.

A gas line project has been tying up traffic as crews rip up part of the road, creating a lot of anxious drivers.

"It's frustrating," said Judy Huebner of Long Pond.

"Um, this is a nightmare," said Kristine DiTullio, manager of Grandpa Pete's Bagels.

"Bad day to be traveling," said Dawn Fleming of Marshalls Creek.

It's a project that has to get done, like so many others out there.

A spokesperson with UGI Utilities said crews are upgrading a natural gas line.

They're removing the old cast-iron line and replacing it with modern plastic piping, however, the construction site isn't the most convenient for drivers.

It's located at the bottom of Main Street in Stroudsburg on one of the more heavily traveled roads in the borough.  The project is also clogging one of the busiest intersections in downtown.

"Ridiculous, kinda upsetting and annoying to be honest," said Patrick Pankowski of East Stroudsburg.

"I just deliver Meals on Wheels two or three times a month.  It's one of my delivery days.  I have about 15 people left, so I won't get there until after lunch time," said Huebner.

"It's affecting our deliveries," said the manager of Grandpa Pete's Bagels.
Another driver from Marshalls Creek was headed to East Stroudsburg, which would normally take two minutes. Thursday it was taking 20 minutes.

While the gas line project is causing major backup throughout the heart of downtown Stroudsburg, one local business said the project is like getting hit with a one-two punch.  At the same time, the gas line replacement project is happening, the Seventh Street Bridge is also under construction.

"It would be a lot better if the bridge wasn't out. If the bridge wasn't out, we'd be able to have a lot more, easy flow to get through. If they're going to have the bridge out, they need to wait until the bridge is fixed to get the rest of this done," said DiTullio.

There is some good news. Officials at UGI said the gas line replacement project will be done Friday.

The bad news, PennDOT will be replacing the gas crews to pave the area as part of its ongoing Route 191 paving project.

That work will be done overnight.