Special Olympics in Pottsville

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More than 300 Special Olympians gathered Wednesday behind Pottsville Area High School for the annual Special Olympic games.

Some ran races,others showed off their skills with the shot put.

It was Kristina Joy's first trip to the games. "Whoever puts this together, it's absolutely amazing. These guys, my guy Pete here, it's awesome," Joy said.

Many of the people there are volunteers, giving their time to cheer on the Special Olympians.

"Everyone is champions when they leave here," said volunteer Joshua Stranix.

Kim Ketlovitz said it takes a year's worth of work to plan for the games.

"The comradery from our 12 school districts and our agencies and we get the parents involved we have about 900 people here in the stadium," said Ketlovitz.

The games also remind Miranda Amey that there are those in the world with disabilities. "To see these kids it really reminds you how lucky we are and unfortunately how other people are," Amey said.

Volunteer Nikki Klatka is a high school student who also volunteers at the games.  "You have to think of it as to what if you were in their shoes and I am sure you would want someone to help you out and be with you," Klatka said.

There were 320 athletes in this year's Special Olympics that's up by about 20. Organizers said they expect those numbers to go higher next year.