Students Produce Anti-Bullying Video

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National figures show that one in seven students from kindergarten to seniors in high school is either a bully or a victim of bullying.

Educators say it's a growing problem.

Some people in Schuylkill County said the solution is education.

Tamaqua Area High School students see bullying as a problem, especially outside of school. They said the internet just adds to it.

Another cyber connection may also be a solution. Students made an anti-bullying video and put it on YouTube.

"I know other people who are bullied and they did not want to come to school because of it and they are just emotionally distraught," said student Alexandra Miller.

The students, with the blessing of their teachers, put together the anti-bullying video. It contains real stories of local students who are bullying victims.

"The computers and cyber bullying and even in school and stuff and I was too afraid to what people would think to get help," said student Amanda Hinkel.

Students said it took them months to put the video together.

"Seeing the finished product made me hopeful that other people would notice how big of problem this is," said student Rebecca John.

One of the most emotionally moving stories comes from one of their own teachers.

Teacher Larry Capozzelli recalls how he was bullied and how he believes a friend killed himself because of being bullied.

"It was because of that day I decided when I became a teacher that I was not going to allow another student to be bullied if I ever saw it, that I would do everything I could to have students feel welcome in my classroom," Capozzelli said.

Teachers and students said since the video was placed on the World Wide Web all of the feedback has been positive.