Police: Youth Club Money Stolen in Schuylkill County

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That's one word being used by a youth sports organization in Schuylkill County Monday. The comment follows the arrest of their former treasurer.

Police say for nearly 4 years, Kelly Lewandowski of Gilberton systematically drained the account of the Mahanoy Area Youth Wrestling Club.

Mahanoy City Police Chief Mark Wiekrykas said Lewandowski admits using the money for bills and personal items.

"There were a series of atm withdrawals which were made by the organization's treasurer without knowledge of anyone in the organization," said Chief Wiekrykas.

Club official Lori Bickowski said she first came with her concerns about Kelly Lewandowski.

"We're deeply saddened by these events. Kelly was our friend and was treasurer for one point in time and it hurt a lot of us, that trust was betrayed." said Bickowski.

Bickowski stresses the crimes were committed under a previous board of directors who didn't know what was happening.

"They trusted her and didn't question her decisions. They do deeply regret that things have changed over the years, you can't be lenient and trustworthy of somebody," Bickowski said.

Defense attorney Joseph Nahas said Lewandowski returned all the money before police became involved.

"It's my understanding that other members of the wrestling board felt that money shouldn't have been misappropriated at all and that if you misappropriate funds then you should be charged," said Nahas.

Kelly Lewandowski was released on unsecured bail and her next court appearance will be in June.