Investigators Raid Old Forge Police Department

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Officials from the Lackawanna County D.A.'s office, State Police, and FBI agents raided the Old Forge Borough Building Monday night.

Investigators could not tell us what that search warrant was for or what they found in the raid because all of the documents are sealed. But, they did tell us there could be more arrests in the sex abuse scandal.

The sexual abuse investigation involving an Old Forge Police Captain and former firefighter has now zeroed in on the police department.

Investigators tell us they got the FBI involved, and a search warrant was served on Monday.

A witness said he saw several unmarked police cars pull in to the parking lot around 7:30 Monday night. He says agents were inside for about 45 minutes. But, he says, he didn't see them taking anything out of the borough building.

The raid follows the arrests of Old Forge Police Captain James Krenitsky and former firefighter Walter Chiavacci. Both are charged with having sexual contact with the same teenage girl in 2004 and 2005.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Old Forge Police Chief Larry Semenza. Police say he too is under investigation, but they won't elaborate on the details of that investigation. Semenza does not face any charges, and is currently on administrative leave.

While investigators say there could be more arrests coming, they also say there could be more victims tied up in this sexual abuse scandal. The Lackawanna County D.A. is asking anyone with information to call his office at 570-963-6717.