Man Facing Charges After Home Invasion

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A 19-year-old man is facing a slew of charges after police said he broke into a house, stole a gun and attacked a person living inside an apartment there.

Police said they had to use a stun gun twice on  Dane Auble before taking him into custody.

Neighbors living on the quiet street in East Stroudsburg said they are surprise to hear about a home invasion right next door.

“I feel safe here all the time,” said Jesse McCarter. “My door’s unlocked half the time, my garage is open. I’ve never had anything stolen or anything like that.”

Stroud Area Regional police said Auble broke into a house on South Green Street just before midnight.

They said he found the home owner’s high-powered rifle inside a closet, grabbed it and began attacking a tenant in a second floor apartment.

‘It’s just the sign of the times around here,” said another neighbor, giving only the name of Mike. “It’s not a very good thing at all. Never used to have that problem.”

“It is kind of serious. I live here by myself so it’s only me so I’m not worried about protecting other people in the house and I don`t have any guns in my house so I not really worried about that but it’s pretty shocking,” said McCarter.

The tenant was able to call 911.

When officers arrived, they said Auble had to be stunned twice before being taken into custody and police believe he was under the influence of an unknown substance.

The tenant  said he was not injured and was just grateful police came out so quickly.

Auble was taken to Pocono Medical Center before being transported to the Monroe County jail. He faces numerous charges including burglary, criminal trespass and simple assault.

Neighbors say they will be a little more watchful after this.

“You really can’t tell what’s going to happen. It’s a crazy world,” said one.

“You do the best you can. Everybody watches each other’s house and that’s the best you can do,” said another.

Police said Auble does not know either the landlord of the home he broke into nor the tenant he attacked.

He was arraigned on those charges at the Monroe County jail.