Accused Burglar Back in Court

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A man from Luzerne County who state police said shot at them last month was back in court Friday.

Police arrested William Gronosky on April 15 after they said he shot at them near West Nanticoke.

Although there is a list of accusations against William Gronosky, Friday's hearing was only about a burglary at a state trooper's home.

At the hearing a star witness said Gronosky stole several guns and other items from that trooper's home in Laflin in March.

Gronosky was in court to face charges that on March 23 he broke into a state trooper's home in Laflin and stole several guns, including the trooper's state issued pistol.

During the hearing, Courtney Sadusky, the trooper's ex-girlfriend, testified she met Gronosky through mutual friends.  Sadusky said Gronosky knew her ex-boyfriend, the trooper, had a supply of guns in the house.  Sadusky testified she drove Gronosky to the trooper's home where he stole several guns, electronics and other items.  She claimed Gronosky did it because he needed guns for protection from rival drug dealers.

Gronosky is also accused of robbing the owner of the Carousel Lounge in Plymouth Township on March 15, and then on April 13, he and another man, Kevin Williams, allegedly went back to the lounge and fired shots at state police on Route 11.

Both suspects were picked up together two days later in Montgomery County.

Assistant Luzerne County District Attorney Frank McCabe believes all the crimes are related.

"It's all connected. That investigation is still ongoing. We are still working on interviewing other people and more leads to shore up the case and time will tell what will happen in that investigation too," McCabe said.

Investigators wouldn't say whether the guns stolen from the trooper's home in Laflin were the ones used in the alleged shooting with state police, but they did say items found in the car Gronosky took to Montgomery County matched items stolen from the trooper's home.

Gronosky's next scheduled court appearance is next week for the armed robbery at the Carousel Lounge.