Prom Moments to Remember at Lackawanna Trail

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A special prom was held Friday at Lackawanna Trail Junior Senior High School in Wyoming County.

Four northern tier schools came together and put on their first prom for students with special needs.

The teachers and students at Lackawanna Trail Junior Senior High School in Wyoming County really know how to throw a party.

There was nothing but dancing, laughing and tons of fun going on inside the school.

Life skills teacher Erin Kropa was thrilled about the turnout at the prom for the northern tier's special education classes.

"This is phenomenal. This is the first time we've done anything like this, and I had a lot of support and I'm glad the other districts were so enthusiastic about it," said Kropa.

Senior Molly Vanduzer, who wants to go into special education, volunteered her time to help organize the prom. She hopes the students can take away something from their experience.

"They can be with their own friends, and they can have a good time just like everyone else can," said Vanduzer.

Parents who came to this school dance are happy the school puts on programs like this.

It's just nice to see them all happy and having a good time," said parent Wendy Konopka. "Just being around people that they are like, you know people with the same set of problems and everything and just having the school support them."

"I'm just glad that we're doing this, the style I like, 50s," said Konopka's son Jason.

Since the turnout for the dance was such a success, the schools hope to make this prom for special needs students a new tradition that will teach them social skills that they could never learn in a classroom.