Million Dollar Fish Could Be You

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You could be the next millionaire.  All you have to do is head to Lake Wallenpaupack and go fishing.

For the second year in a row, the sporting goods store, Cabela`s, tagged more than a thousand fish across the country.  Each fish is worth a prize if it's caught, however only one is worth a million bucks.

The tagged fish are located in several bodies of water in 19 states, including Lake Wallenpaupack.  That means the million dollar winner could be in the lake, swimming around.

Lake Wallenpaupack is a popular spot for fishermen.

This weekend, its popularity is expected to grow as anglers will be casting their lines in hopes of catching the big one worth a million dollars.

"I'd love to catch a million dollar fish. It could pay a lot of bills, right?" said Jerry Lama of Hemlock Farms.

For the second summer, Cabela's is holding a fishing contest.

The sporting goods company tagged more than 1,000 fish, each tag has a number on the tag, each worth a prize.  The prize could be either items or money.

There is only one fish that is worth $1 million, which is what attracts many people to test their fishing skills.

"Every person who comes up here, especially if they're staying overnight, brings a lot of tourism dollars. They're buying gas, eating at our restaurants," said Keith Williams of The Lake Wallenpaupack Visitor's Center.

In order to participate in the contest, you must register, have a Pennsylvania fishing license, bait, a rod and a lot of luck.

If you would like to try your luck, but don't have the equipment, fear not. You can borrow it from the visitor's center for free.

"Basically they come in, provide us with their contact information, we take a copy of their driver's license and we provide them with equipment they can use for a day, or a few days," said Williams.

Some anglers who spoke to Newswatch 16 said they are already geared up, anxious to cast their line and catch the million dollar fish.

"I registered last year, but I didn't catch anything though," said Maria Strackbein of Hawley.

"I know there is tagged fish out there, I'll be out here tomorrow with the pole with the kids and we'll be fishing," said Jerry Lama of Hemlock.

The tab has a number printed on it and will be attached to the fish.

Before you remove the tag you must first take a picture with the tagged fish.

The competition ends July 8.