Free Mammogram Screenings in Scranton

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Mammograms can be life-savers in the fight against breast cancer, but they can also be expensive, especially for women who are uninsured.  A group in Scranton is taking care of that this weekend by offering free mammogram screenings.

“I’m proof.  I’m sitting here, cancer free,” said Jennifer Leshuk-Toole of Scranton.  Leshuk-Toole was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, at the age of 37.  She found the lump during a routine self-breast exam, and is now part of a group called the Foundation for Cancer Care, at Delta Medix’s Breast Care Center in downtown Scranton.  The group is sponsoring free mammogram screenings this weekend.

“Come get one.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be worried about what will happen.  When something like this is offered you have to take full advantage of it!  It will save your life.  It will,” Leshuk-Toole told Newswatch 16.

The free screenings will be held Saturday May 5th, from 8am until 4pm at the center on Penn Avenue in Scranton.  You must register first, and to qualify, you must be a woman age 40 or older with no insurance.  Exceptions will be made for younger women with a family history of breast cancer.

Delta Medix CEO Margo Opsasnick, also the President of the Foundation for Cancer Care, says a lot of women in the area are underinsured, or not insured at all.  She says there has been a tremendous response to the event.

“50 is really the maximum (number of screenings) we’d be able to do in a day.  But if we run over 50 we certainly won’t turn anyone away,” Opsasnick said.  She says if that happens, they wouldn’t rule out a second free screening day, possibly later in the summer.

She points to Jennifer as a walking reminder of just how important early detection can be.

“I’m proof you can beat it.  You can win.  You fight, and here you are,” said Leshuk-Toole.

To register for the free mammogram event or to get more information, call Donna at Delta Medix at 570-558-3575.