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Poconos Resort Converting to Rehab Facility

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An abandoned resort in the Poconos could soon help others battling addiction.

The resort is on its way to becoming a drug and alcohol inpatient rehabilitation facility.

The Hillside Inn Resort sits empty in Marshalls Creek. Township supervisors said it's been closed for nearly five years.

Recently a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center stepped forward, wanting to convert the place into a treatment facility for people battling addiction to drugs and alcohol.

"I'm pro and con, I guess, because of the people who need the rehabilitation and they're doing it on a voluntary basis," said Richard Cummings of Marshalls Creek.

"I'm very concerned about what people will be staying there and what they'll do while they're staying there," said Akiko Inubushi-Molessa of Marshall's Creek.

This week township supervisors approved plans for the facility called Pyramid Healthcare to move into the former Hillside Inn.

Township supervisors said the facility will house up to 60 patients who have no severe psychological problems or who are not incarcerated and patients aren't allowed to have a car.

Township officials also have some conditions which mainly have to do with making sure security is in place.

The rehabilitation facility going into the former Hillside Inn will have plenty of security measures in place both inside and outside the facility, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even the windows and the doors will have security systems installed.

Residents living so close near the facility still have some concerns.

"My biggest concern would be security, making sure that these people don't come into the area, or get into the houses," said Cummings.

"They say it's a volunteer place where you can go in but what happens if they voluntarily want to leave the place?" asked Thomas Molessa of Marshalls Creek.

Township officials said each patient at the facility will be under constant supervision.

If the patient decides to leave, a supervisor stays with that person until a family member picks them up.

The sale of Hillside Inn must still be finalized and Pyramid Healthcare must submit building plans.

There is no word when the facility might be open.