Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run

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A man from Williamsport was killed Wednesday night when he was hit by a car as he was crossing the street.

Yellow markings on High Street in Williamsport tell part of what happened Wednesday night. Police said someone driving west hit Mark Jeirles, 46, Williamsport near the intersection with Sixth Avenue.

By the time emergency crews got there, investigators said Jeirles was dead. Hours later, police continued piecing the evidence together using hi-tech gear.

When the crash happened a little after 11 p.m. neighbors heard it all play out.

"I heard a big old bang out last night, then heard sirens coming down High Street, got real close, then stopped," said Larry Weaver.

Weaver said he saw someone in the road then responders put a white sheet over Jeirles who was thrown at least 30 yards after impact.

The driver kept going.

"It's pitiful no one would stop and wonder what they hit, that much of a commotion, must have been some heavily damaged vehicle," he said.

Because it was so rainy and windy, police had to come back to the scene Thursday to collect evidence.

"We would be interested in a vehicle that would have damage particularly maybe to the front of the vehicle, front windshield and side window of the vehicle," said Captain Michael Orwig of the Williamsport Bureau of Police.

Another car may have hit  Jeirles as well, said police.

Anyone with information about the hit and run is asked to call Williamsport police at 570-327-7560.