Day of Prayer

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Thursday was designated as a day of prayer across the nation.

Many people, of all denominations came together to affirm their faith.

More than 100 people gathered in Schuylkill County's largest courtroom for the national day of prayer observance. On the agenda were a number of church goers and the clergy.

“The first president, George Washington, knelt in the snow in prayer, seeking your help for America, we join him today,” said Bill Ohr, Reverend at the Lighthouse Church.

“This country was established under God and it should remain that way,” said Dolores Adams of Pottsville.

The national day of prayer featured song.

There was also a segment on how one politician looks at prayer.

“On the campaign trail I ask for two things, first your prayers and then your vote because it's very important that we do things with God in mind,” said Commissioner George Halcovage of Schuylkill County.

The folks we talked to said they prayed for some things to change.

“The way I see it today, things are going in the wrong direction,” said Jim Fritz of Wayne Township.

“You have to worry about guns, kids killing each other and bullying each other,” said Kathleen Brown of Pottsville.

Thursday is the 61st anniversary of the national day of prayer which was passed by congress and signed by the president so many years ago.