Berwick Police: Meth Dump Sites Growing

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Investigators in Columbia County are working hard to find out who is responsible for some serious methamphetamine production in the area.

Authorities said several meth dump sites have been found in the Borough of Berwick alone, all within the past six months.

Behind a large wall, tucked away in the woods next to the Susquehanna River, investigators in Columbia County said they recently found a drug dump site just off Susquehanna Street in the Borough of Berwick.

Bottles and bottles full of ingredients used to make methamphetamine or 'crystal meth.' Now neighbors are worried.

"It is concerning, I mean, but I always try to teach my kids," said Alyson Miller of Berwick.

"I just think it's so unfortunate that it's something the community has to deal with," said Diane Whalen of Berwick.

Less than a mile away investigators found a second site within a span of five days.  More bottles, canisters, and other drug-making ingredients were found near Canal Street and investigators said in the last six months, several more dump sites have been found in the area, all pointing to a high level of manufacturing in town.

"It's very easy to make, you can make meth with household products and things that are readily available. Meth production by itself is becoming an epidemic throughout the state and nation unfortunately," said Investigator Ken Strish of the Berwick Police Department.

He added the production and distribution of this drug is a huge danger, but the problem also lies in coming across these waste sites. Bottles and items used to make the drug will be covered in residue that could cause some serious harm.

"The production of meth is very volatile and even in the dump setting, when they are left behind, it's still a concerning health risk," said Strish.

No arrests have yet been made in either the meth production or dumping.  If you have any information about the meth sites or the dumping you are asked to call Berwick police.