Lycoming County’s Most Wanted

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For the third year in a row, Lycoming County's Most Wanted List is helping to catch criminals.

The list, complete with photos of fugitives, was published this weekend in a Williamsport area newspaper.

After just a few days, the who's who of Lycoming County fugitives has already been a big success, according to authorities who use the most wanted list to help track down men and women on the run from the law.  They range from burglary suspects to deadbeat dads.

"Individuals who know and see these people every day but had no idea there were warrants in the system, are happy to help and pick up phone and call police and say this person is living next door to me, come and get them," said District Attorney Eric Linhardt.

He said the public plays a crucial role once the list is published in the Williamsport Sun Gazette.  Within days, detectives and Lycoming County's sheriff said, a few dozen fugitives had either turned themselves in or been captured.

"He has the article in his back pocket, glad they're carrying the article so they know we're not far behind," said Sheriff Mark Lusk.

In its first year, Lycoming County's Most Wanted List got about 100 fugitives off the street. In the second year they got another 100 fugitives off the street and in a cell. This year they said they are on their way to getting another 100 behind bars.

"That's the biggest, not only getting those people off the street but the amount of money we've collected for crime victims," said Detective William Weber.

Authorities hope the public can help them catch as many fugitives as possible by calling the tip hotline at 1-800-282-0427.

Officials are already working on another list for later this year.