Construction in Berwick

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It seems no matter where you go in Berwick there is work underway, on the sidewalks, and most of all, on the roadways.

"The town is sort of upset about it because business is not being run routine as usual and all the traffic, we have traffic jams and all," said Michael Angelo Ferro, from Berwick.

Arden Oliver is a Berwick borough councilman and a business owner. He said all the different work in town, including a major project to separate sewer lines and storm water lines, have caused traffic tie ups and major headaches for folks like him who own downtown businesses. He said for a long time, there has not been enough parking downtown.

"They were taking three lanes and driving down the parking lane on this side, you know?" said Oliver.

Not everyone is fed up with the work. Michael Grey owns a furniture and appliance business in Berwick.

"It's been going on a long time. It's progress what's going on out there and needs to be done," said Grey.

Soon, PennDOT plans to repave Route 11, the main roadway through town, and some said after all the potholes and patched spots they have been dealing with, they would welcome that project.

"It plays like heck on the front of the car. When I bought my car it was nice and tight. Now it's so loose with all them bumps, it's pathetic," said Stan Eveland of Berwick.

The paving project on Route 11 in Berwick is expected to start next month.