A Special Prom

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Prom season is here and at one high school in Lackawanna County Wednesday was a special prom for some special students.

For the first time, Riverside High School threw a prom just for its special education life skills students.

There were gowns, shirts and ties, and plenty of smiles as students arrived by limousine bus at Riverside Junior Senior High School in Taylor.

They are the life skills students at Riverside and they were thrilled heading to a prom meant just for them.

"Oh wow! It's my first time riding in my limo," said student Amy Thubbern. "It was so fun, I can't believe it!"

The fun continued inside the school. There was a prom dinner all ready for them. The tables were all decorated.

The food was cooked by the consumer family studies students. They helped make all of this possible.

Some of them served as prom dates too.

"I was so excited, all week we were making food for it and we're just saying we're so excited, all the seniors in my class were excited to do it for the kids for fun," said senior Samantha Donahue.

"They're overwhelmed, they're so happy. We got all dressed up. We went on the limo, they planned their menu, everything," said life skills teacher Kim Weidow.

Of course it's not the prom without the dancing and the 20 or so prom goers were dancing the afternoon away and most were smiling throughout.

"I could cry," Weidow added.

Some of the seniors there will be going to the actual prom, but for the rest of the students it's a chance for them to have fun.

For some there were just not enough words to express their excitement. "Great!" said one student as she threw up her arms.

Like a typical prom there were many pictures taken, but it seems the  students won't need photos to remember this day.

"Oh it was great! This is my very first time being at the prom,"  Thubbern added.