Neighbor Helping Neighbor in Duryea

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After all these months since the historic September flooding in Luzerne County, flood victims in one community are getting some more financial help.

Duryea borough got thousands of dollars in donations from its residents to help with flood recovery. Now officials are distributing that money to those who still need it.

It's hard to miss the flood recovery still underway in Duryea. At many homes you can find workers on the job, making repairs to flooded homes.

Eight months ago a big part of that community was underwater in the worst flooding Duryea had ever seen.

Hearing about all the damage the water left behind, people in town donated more than $7,000 to the borough to help their fellow residents with the recovery. Now that money will go to the victims.

"I got a stack of bills probably a foot tall with the stuff I'm buying already, but you have to do what you have to do," said flood victim Robert Reed. He and his family are still living in a camper behind their flood-damaged home. Donations will help pay for the adding cost of repairs to return home. "We get used to it. We like camping so it's just like an extended camping trip. They are anxious to get home. "Oh yeah, without a doubt, we're anxious to get back in."

Flood victims can register for their shares of the donations at the borough building through Thursday.  The money will then be distributed May 14 and 15.  Borough leaders said it may not be much, but flood victims say any little bit helps.

"Even if it's 50, $50, let me tell you something, especially for me who just lost my job, $50 will put food on my table for a while or gas in my car for when I go for interviews," said flood victim Robin Hughes.

She has a levee right behind her house, but that didn't protect her. She had seven feet of water in her first floor.

"I'm a person who would give and do without for my whole life and not think anything and it was hard for me even at my place of employment to accept things," Hughes added.

With so much work needed in this neighborhood, all donations are appreciated.

"Pretty much everything helps, a couple bucks here a couple bucks there you buy stuff on sale, it all adds up, it really does," Hughes said.

Already more than 70 flood victims have signed up to share in the donations in Duryea.