Gas Prices Dropping?

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Gas prices have dropped nationally for the second straight week.

"I understand that it's just because of people driving less and there's a lot more in the reserves right now," said George Sharnoff of Drums.

The national average is down to $3.90 cents according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, but if history tends to repeat itself, those prices could soon be going back up. The price tends to rise before Memorial Day and the summer travel season.

"I really don't fill my tank as much because of the gas prices, but I stay in town, so, but it is bad when I have to go out of town," said Erika Jenkins of Hazleton.

"What are you going to do? You've got to get around. Can't fight it," said Robert Sposato of New York.

According to the energy department, back in 1998 gas prices did peak for the year before mid-May, but that was 14 years ago and drivers Newswatch 16 spoke with are not holding their breath.

"For those that have less, it affects them a lot, it's not in the control of the U. S. Government over the price of gas, but it's going to be unfortunate for people if it keeps going us," said Barry Krane of Zion Grove.