Fire Victims Will Reopen Business

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Crews installed what will be the foundation of the White Diner near Tamaqua.

What's different about this is that the contractor is giving a major discount to the owner, his friend.

"My son, who knows his son also, so we figured lets pitch in and do for cost," said Louis Albertini of Albertini Construction.

A fire roared through the place last year.

"It felt like we lost a family member. I was called by an actual girlfriend now and told me it was on fire. I was shocked and then to come down and find out it was fully engulfed was a big hit," said owner Morgan Jones.

Jones hopes The new White Diner will once again be a landmark in Schuylkill County.

"The new place is going to have the same breakfast menu. It's going to be a lot bigger and hopefully have a better nighttime menu, likes steaks and other entrees of that type," said Jones.

The owner's son said rebuilding the family business is helping him in school.

"For my Intro to Business (class), I had to make a business plan and I did it on the diner and it gave everyone an inside look at what we're doing and what we'll be doing and how it will be better than the last one," said Jones.

The owners of the White Diner hope to be operating by August.