Coroner: Woman Died from Medical Issues

More is known about a woman found dead in her home in the Poconos over the weekend.

The Monroe County coroner believes the mother of four died from a medical issue.

The neighborhood in a housing development called Pocono Forested Acres was in shock after Bibi Farrouq, 42, of Long Island was found dead on Saturday.  She was found inside her family's vacation home near Marshalls Creek.

According to the coroner and the state police, Farrouq's husband found her in the bathtub along with the body of her seven-month-old fetus.

Officials believe Farrouq had been dead inside the home for about a week.

The coroner said he believes Farrouq died due to a medical issue which happened during the birthing process.

The coroner is waiting on the toxicology results before ruling on the exact cause of death.


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