Touring Scranton for a Good Cause

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Some people opted for two wheels on Sunday. Hundreds of riders hit the roads of Lackawanna County during the ninth annual Tour de Scranton.

The ride raised money to help people dealing with addiction, get treatment and kick the disease.

It was a sea of bike riders in Lackawanna County, as the Tour de Scranton kicked off.

“It's amazing, I didn't think there would be as close to this many people. I saw pictures from last year, and looking at it this year, it's incredible,” said one rider.

“I think it's wonderful that communities come together to help a good cause like this, it's always a good thing, it's a very good thing,” said Kelyn Rosati, rider.

Folks of all ages signed up to ride anywhere from four miles all the way up to 66; from Scranton, to Carbondale, and even some to Elk Mountain.

The ride benefits the Erin Jessica Moreken drug and alcohol treatment fund. The fund is named after Erin Moreken who died at age 28 of a drug overdose.

“It gets the word out and it makes people more aware of the drug issues that our teenagers have,” said Wendy Diehl, volunteer.

Money raised from the day's race will go to the fund.

That money is hoped to help people kick their addictions.

“Addictions are hard to beat, you need support and people helping them get well, and we're trying to help them financially, for ones who are stuck in a rut, and have no one to turn to,” said Mike Romanovitch of Tour de Scranton.

“It's in everybody's family, whether it's a drinking problem or a drug problem and it's getting worse and we have to address it, and it's a shame young and old people have to die because of this,” said Tom Moreken, Erin’s father.

The ride raises thousands of dollars each year to help those dealing with addiction.