Folks And Businesses Get Ready For Renaissance Fair

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Folks and businesses in Columbia County are gearing up for the annual Bloomsburg Renaissance Fair.

The fair attracts thousands of people from all over the state, bringing a boom to businesses, and lots of traffic for drivers.

It's business as usual on Main Street in Bloomsburg. Traffic is moving, and people are getting through. But that may not be the case this Saturday, when the annual Renaissance Fair sets up shop.

Hundreds of vendors selling their goods, folks dressed up in Renaissance attire, and people enjoying the atmosphere come out each year in droves.

Courtney Nyce of Bloomsburg says, "I think they're pretty cool and exciting, I would love to live back in the Renaissance time, life was way more exciting than now. "

The fair attracts folks from all over the state and even the country, bringing tons of customers to the area looking for good food and entertainment.

"'It's busy, it's not only people that come to the fair, it's people who have stands at the fair, it brings people to the downtown area so they know what kind of shops we have, " says Don Harris, owner of Bloomin' Bagels.

But the fair traffic that packs Main Street may not be good for everyone.

"It makes it difficult for people to come in because its crowded so my customers can't get in here," says Frans Verstraeten, owner of Dutch Wheelman Bike Shop.

And while traffic may or may not be good for businesses, it will definitely affect drivers, because the fair will shut down Main Street from West Street to Iron Street, with lots of people walking through, so police say use caution.

Sgt. Roger Vanloan of Bloomsburg Police says, "Watch for pedestrians, even though most traffic will be in areas that are blocked off. Plan a little bit early, give yourself fifteen minutes more at the max. "

Or just wait until traffic clears up around five Saturday night.