Electric City Tattoo Convention

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The third annual Electric City Tattoo Convention drew a colorful crowd to the Hilton in Scranton.

"This is just a really awesome time, a lot of artists getting together and an eclectic group of artists getting together and doing what they do best," said Klyde Chroma, an artist from Traditions Elite in Olyphant.

Tattoo lovers joined nearly 100 artists for the event.

Those artists were local and from other states, such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and Ohio.

Many folks came to get some new ink, others just to look around.

"It's perfect because you do get to see other people's work and kind of compare it to yourself and also admire it,"said Jo Santos of Art Rage Tattoo Studio in Scranton.

"It's a nice quaint convention. It's smaller ones but it's usually better, the artists are a lot more personable to each other," said Thom Reinsmith of Allentown.

"It's pretty cool seeing everybody getting work done at the same time, I kind of have a good seat here, I'm kind of like watching this person, that person, I can watch what people are doing at the same time so that's kind of cool," said Zachary Schearer of Reading, who followed a favorite tattoo artist to the convention.

Organizers said the convention is bigger this year than it has ever been.

"We are local guys, we love Scranton and we just want to do something to bring people into Scranton and introduce them to our city," said Nick Frenchko of Electric City Tattoo in  Scranton.

"They get bigger every year and more people, so it's all good, all good," said Enrico Monacelli who sold raffle tickets at the convention.

The Electric City Tattoo convention runs through Sunday at the Hilton in Scranton.