Crash Cleared on I-80

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Interstate 80 in Luzerne County is fully opened to traffic after being shut down early Friday morning for several hours when a truck hauling garbage overturned.

State police said a trucker from New Jersey lost control of his rig and it flipped on I-80 westbound between the White Haven and Mountaintop interchanges in Luzerne County.

Once the rig was hauled away, tons of trash remained along the highway. Crews moved in to clean up the mess.

"It looked like a disaster area. The truck was rolled over on its side, the garbage was all over the guard rails and the highway. We scraped it off the roadway so we could open the roadway and rolled it over so we could get traffic moving," said Brian Kisenwether of Kisenwether Auto Body and Towing.

"What a mess. I come down this way in the morning and I usually get on in White Haven and I had to go all the way through Freeland and I called the boss and he said, 'Yeah we got the road closed,' and then I knew what I was in for then," said worker Dave Dias.

Just about everywhere you looked there was garbage.

"When we up righted the truck, we up righted it loaded and there was about 80 percent of it was on the truck and 20 percent of it was on the ground," Kisenwether added.

These workers say working on an open interstate is tricky.

"It's very dangerous out here nobody wants to slow down when you're out here working. It only takes a second to get killed or take a bunch of us, very dangerous," said Randy Cunfer of Cunfer Sanitation.

Despite the danger about 18 people got the job done.

Crews said the interstate is so busy it's only a matter of time before they are out there again.