Staff Prepares Knoebels for Opening Day

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In just two days, Knoebels Amusement Resort opens for the season.

In September the park sustained heavy flood damage and crews have been hard at work cleaning it up ever since.

On Saturday Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg opens for its much-anticipated 2012 season. Until then, it's not all fun and games.

"The place is a beehive of activity.  Lots of things going on," said Knoebels spokesman Joe Muscato.

Almost 300 employees were at the park  in Northumberland County Thursday getting ready for opening day.

"We're like little park elves.  We run around and everyone is all excited," said food manager Dan Williams.

"We got painting, cleaning, electrical wires, mechanical stuff, food service preparation, everything is going on," said Muscato. He added it doesn't happen overnight.

Employees put up a sign which had to be repaired after last September's flood, and Muscato said the carousel was badly damaged by the flood but looking at it now you' would never know.

"Repaired those horses, repainted those horses, put the ride back together and it's as good as new," Muscato said.

Knoebels staff is busy testing out the rides, including the brand new Black Diamond Haunted Coal Mine.

As much fun as the new ride is,  Muscato said the staff enjoys the food testing more because you can't have Knoebels without food.

"This morning we tested the funnel cakes, and later we will test the ice cream.  It's a good time," Muscato added.

Knoebels opens on Saturday, and features a two-for-one deal for all day ride passes.