Police: Money Missing from Nanticoke Middle School

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Authorities are now investigating  money missing from a cafeteria fund in Nanticoke and a secretary in charge of keeping those books has been suspended, Newswatch 16 has learned.

That secretary was suspended late last week from her position at the Greater Nanticoke Area Middle School.

Although school officials are keeping quiet, police confirmed Thursday morning they began an official investigation into the missing money.

Police said school officials met with them and reported the money missing.

Sources close to the investigation said part of the secretary's duty was to hand over the cafeteria money to the high school.  There is no word on how much money could be missing but police said the state's auditor general could be called in to examine school records.

Newswatch 16 talked to a school board member on the phone and she said there is no telling how long this investigation may take.

The superintendent of the Greater Nanticoke Area School District would not comment.

People who have children in the school district did not stay as quiet as the school officials.

"Most people are worried about themselves, I guess, and they will be prepared to do anything to make themselves," said Ben Stolarik.

"I pay taxes here so I'm not very happy about it. Money should be going to the kids themselves," said Jessica Baron. Her daughter, Nicole, graduated from the high school  in 2008.

"It doesn`t surprise me. I hate Nanticoke. I don't like anything about it. It just doesn't surprise me the way people are anymore the way people act," said Nicole Chester.

Police said no charges have been filed as of now but they will request the assistance of the Luzerne County district attorney and detectives as the investigation moves forward.