Kane Looks to November

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Kathleen Kane's victory Tuesday night was historic.

The former prosecutor from Lackawanna County clinched the Democratic primary. She will be the first female on the ballot for state attorney general in November.

"I have received calls from all over the country, and people all around in Lackawanna County are so excited and that's what they've said, this is historic and we're so proud of you and we're proud that you are from here and I really do think that people really do care about good government," said Kane in an interview Thursday night.

Kane defeated candidate Patrick Murphy, a former congressman from Bucks County, for the Democratic spot.

"I'm thrilled that it was a resounding victory like that and I think that makes my candidacy even stronger going into the fall," said Kane.

Kane is already looking to November, when she faces Republican challenger David Freed, the Cumberland County District Attorney.

If she wins, Kane will be the first female elected to be state attorney general.

"It's only six months until the general election and, as I say, no one is going to outwork me, so we are continuing to move and build our momentum and to build our base and to spread our message," said Kane.

Kane said she feels good about her chances in November. She believes women in particular will come out to support her and her platform, regardless of their party.