Free Spring Clean

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People in Sunbury can now throw out their trash for free.

The community in Northumberland County is one of several to offer the spring cleaning service as a way to clean out yards, attics and basements.

Thousands of tons of trash were brought to the Sunbury Municipal Authority transfer station where they were disposed of for free.

The free trash drop-off happens once a year in Sunbury.

"It's trash items, not hazardous waste. It's things people might have in their yards, porches, attics,"  said Dan Ramer of the Sunbury Municipal Authority.

Hundreds of people who live in Sunbury filled their truck beds with trash and brought it to the transfer station.

"I dropped off leftover wood from a building project and stuff like that," said Tony Culp of Sunbury.

Taking trash to the transfer station usually costs money, but once a year this spring cleaning event aims to clean up the city of Sunbury while saving people money at the same time.

Scott Adams said he looks forward to it.

"A lot of people can't afford to come here. They keep the stuff in their basements and at the end of the year get rid of it for free," Adams said.

Not everything brought to the transfer station is considered trash. If crews see items that can be recycled they throw them aside and take care of them for free as well.

"Glass, aluminum, copper, metals are pulled to the side and taken to a recycling area," Ramer explained.

Sunbury residents still have a chance to bring their trash to the transfer station.  The free drop off continues next Tuesday and Thursday.