Natural Gas Safeguarding Jobs

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The completion of a natural gas pipeline created a lot of excitement Wednesday in Carbon County. The clean-burning fuel will now be offered to homes and is safe guarding jobs too.

The ribbon is cut to celebrate a five mile natural gas line to the Altadis plant in Tresckow. The gas will be used to power dryers and comes from wells in Pennsylvania. Because of its abundance, its price has dropped 40 percent. The plant used to use fuel oil.

"Natural gas is a much more affordable fuel now and that's a key issue here. Also, our company is interested in the environment and natural gas has much lower emissions and that aligns with the values of our company," said Skip Calviero of Altadis USA.

Plant officials said the cheaper fuel insures the jobs of 180 people.

"Me and my husband, we don't have any children but in this economy two people have to work," said worker Lisa Yanoshik.

The pipe is underground but it goes through McAdoo and to the plant.

UGI Gas said the fuel will be offered first to people along the line and if there is a demand the company could expand the service.

Business owner John Shigo hopes that happens.

"It's a wonderful idea. Obviously gas is a lot more cleaner of a natural resource than the coal," Shigo said.

"Natural gas service for a typical propane,oil or electric user could save $1,500 a year or more," said Don Brominski of UGI Gas.

Officials hope the low price of natural gas will entice more industry to move to our area.