Family Says Wheelchair Ramps Were Stolen

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A family from Wyoming County said they went out to lunch Saturday afternoon and when they came out of the restaurant, the wheelchair ramps needed for their disabled son were gone.

The Dodge family from Tunkhannock uses the heavy aluminum ramps when they need to transport their son’s 400 pound motorized wheelchair.

Their son, B.J. Reidenbach, has spina bifida and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around.

They believe the ramps were stolen and sold for scrap.

It’s not only a financial loss for the family, but immobilizing for their 16-year-old son.

Ty and Margee Dodge said their heads have been spinning since Saturday, when the outing with their son became complicated and infuriating.

The family from Tunkhannock went to a restaurant in Clarks Summit with B.J. and when they were leaving, saw the ramps had been stolen.

“And of course, whoever took them may not have seen what we were using them for, but if they had, they’re heartless to do that to a little boy that’s in a wheelchair,” Ty Dodge said.

Two aluminum ramps were taken right off the trailer, and the Dodges think the thief may have sold them for scrap. Aluminum could sell for up to a dollar a pound.

The trailer usually totes the 400 pound chair, but without the aluminum ramps, B.J. and his chair are essentially grounded.

“It’s very, very¬†difficult to get him on and off that trailer, he’s little but the chair is big and it was tough,” added Margee Dodge.

The Dodges contacted police, and have spent the last few days calling every scrap yard they could find in the area hoping the ramps would turn up, but there has been no sign of them yet.

They said it’s heartbreaking that someone may have stolen the ramps for a few bucks when they’re really priceless to B.J.

They hope the ramps are at least returned.