Haggerty Defeats Incumbent Smith

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Democrat Kevin Haggerty defeated incumbent Rep. Ken Smith for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania's 112th Congressional District.

The cheers went up at Calabria's Pizza in Dunmore when it was clear Kevin Haggerty had knocked off the incumbent Ken Smith in a very close race.

“We went up against the heavyweights, not just the opponent but the Democratic machine in Harrisburg,” said Haggerty. “It is just family.  We started with four people in our home and we left our job a year ago.  We had been based on a full year and today is just a wonderful feeling.”

Haggerty knocked off Smith after the incumbent drew criticism for failing to pay back loans, including loans backed by taxpayers.

Haggerty tried to beat Smith two years ago but came up short in the district that includes Dunmore plus parts of Scranton and the North Pocono area.

“Every inch of work mattered. This was a close race but that's what you have to do in politics.  You have to give it all and that's what we did tonight,” Haggerty added.

There was no candidate on the Republican side so unless someone wins a write in there, Haggerty is the next state representative for the 112th.