College Students Worry About Future Jobs

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A national report shows one in two students who are graduating this year will be unemployed.

With graduation right around the corner many of the seniors at Keystone College in Laplume hope they are taking the proper steps to enter the work force, but they are still concerned it might not be enough to land a good job.

Senior Dominic Pesavento said the number of unemployed graduates worries him.

"Well I'm a little excited about graduating but I'm also a little frightened. I mean, I'm going to have an internship but after that internship this summer, where am I going to go, am I guaranteed a job in my field or am I going have to get a job like serving food?" said Pesavento.

Roberto Santana is a senior graduating with a degree in sport and recreation and said his concern is paying on students loans that are due after graduation.

"It's a little scary, especially when you have to start paying out loans like six months after. I mean people graduate every year and still can't get jobs so it's a little scary," said Santana.

Senior Cassandra Yetto, who is majoring in social sciences, said she is already prepping for her future job.

"I'm taking a couple civil service exams coming up. I have one this Wednesday for child and youth services. That is what I'm hoping to do, is work for child and youth services," said Yetto.

If you are a graduate or you are about to graduate there are a few things you can do to help your chances of getting a job.

Christopher O'Connor works in Keystone's career center. He recommends upcoming graduates go to online job boards and stay positive, but there's another important tip.

"Make sure you're using that network, the people who you know are going to help you get jobs, so as long as they know what you are looking for they're going to want to help you out in any way they can," said O'Connor.